TaylorMade M1 Driver Weights Adjustment setting

Today we are going to talk about TaylorMade M 1 driver and more not so much hit golf ball here but more maybe just talk about what these weights do and how they possibly could change ball flight and how they sort of move around the sort of t track that TaylorMade M1 driver have in the bottom of the golf club and how that really sort of affects spin launch of you golf balls maybe when you actually come to hittin it now the new m1 against the old m1 has been some subtle changes it should make probably quite pulse and here so this back track now it’s given the basis 64% more cg movement in that back track alone

it’s a little bit longer from front to back on the new m1 against the last year’s and one that gives a lot more move ability the back track here oh sorry the back weight is 12 grams the front weight is 15 gram so the front waist front weight still moves from heel to toe back way from front to back in the golf club so with these sort of weights here we can read sort of fine-tune and golfers in the coming four 15 sessions with regards to how they launch the ball a little bit of ball speed also spin numbers and trying to create some backspin numbers which is more to help is more geared from that front to back wait and then face or one that runs parallel to face here the toe to heel sort of waiting needs to help really dispersion and shock shape okay or to try and help to create a certain shape or possibly try and calm down particular shape at a go over house

a beauty with this slightly bigger appearance now of the m1 against last year’s and one is is basically it’s more forgiving the inverted cone technology inside is bigger so we are seeing some more forgiveness here against previous one which a lot of golfers are liking but also with the weights here we’ve got a lot more sort of options and the beauty with it the new one now is these weights can actually taken out and put that into both sections of the club so ultimately this back way you could take out prints the front rail so you could have both weights in the front and the same time you could take the foot one out and put it in the back so you could have both weight to the back so it just opens up a lot more options now in the new m1 against last year’s n1

we can really give some fine detail as spin numbers with Gophers are coming for the pits and sessions off see others next leave options lost options face position off options then you’ve got the variety shafts on our on our fitting system just behind here so opens up a whole level different options here but basically and this is quite a popular section we’ve got it in here so that front weight in the middle back weight all the way back to here’s a basic that’s a neutral setting which is promoting a slightly higher ball flight and this is because of the nature the carbon entertainment mix now in the actual head this is producing some low speed numbers so this sector here is what we were our class is the most forgiving setting that the club’s is also if you’re missing that middle of the golf club with this CG pull further back from the clubface helps to reduce any form twisting or mo I actually impact so helps a little bit forgives

when you miss in the middle if you want to the guys are wondering maybe lower spin and get a little bit more ball speed then what would do is would move this from those back way all the way to the front like that okay which makes it a little bit more powerful in the central hit but if you do miss middle you might create a little bit more twisters ultimately it’s not quite as forgiving setting so this is maybe more for the guys who really collect the strikes quite central here who are wanting to drop a little bit to launch and a little bit of backspin off here to really maximize their numbers okay and as I say I think I believe I’m not sure that this is changed now but I believe just two rows that she’s got both weight and right at the back of the head I was told by a a good source from TaylorMade you might change out now I don’t know but two ways right the back which is quite interesting because alternate is make it even more forgiving

now you think guy that just arose you won’t need that forgiveness but posture those guys do not do missing a little bit middle but what he’s trying to do here is get this launch up and you know just get that ball flying and he’ll control is backspin number maybe with a shaft in there I’ll say his strikes would help to really control our backspin number so by moving more weights up here he can pop that launch or keep the spin low and that is really maximizing carry distance which you know maybe play more in a sunnier climates a little bit different around the download and Costilla but you know maybe in different cement quirements that all that carry is a really good option okay but then again you know it may come and play a link style cause I would get around this sort of area and you might have been that way back in the front spot of this one back forward and I’ll just drop launched a little bit slightly more penetrating ball flight okay so can you probably see here guys there’s a lot of lots of option well also that I personally do a little bit with fittings on the m1 is sometimes try and match this front weight that goes heel to toe a little bit more to a strike pattern now some golfers consistently hit the ball may be slightly toe side or slightly heel side

what sometimes I do to help to meet the CG of the head to the golf ball it just moves this front weight to match where they’re striking it on that on the actual clubface and that helps just keep all speed up off you suddenly hits the toe next one’s a heel next one’s middle obviously mix it up a little bit then that isn’t really going to work too well and you probably want to keep it more central but the guys who possibly just consistently hit it a little bit here we can track that on HMT on our launch – a strike position then we can just move that weight slightly to meet the strike which helps with a bit debilitate keep your ball speed and keep hitting targets best they can from that sort of position okay little bit of a different video there just watch me explain because there’s a lot of settings on these on these modern drivers now again it always highlights the process you’ve got to come and get fit in a facility like this with launch one is we can track strike we can trucks pin numbers you can physically see the ball flight down the range we’ve got different shaft options nextly there’s a whole world of options here so you’ve got to get fit to find the setting the suits you as an individual and then that’s when you’re going to maximize your performance

hope you enjoy the video guys again it’s a little bit different really good popular drivers for 2017 till May 10 one after you’ve got the m2 to Nelson here as well so you know if you do want to take advantage of our fitting service